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CCCats are a parasitic species of magical creatures.
They start out just as a long snake-like tongue and a large, glassy eyeball. This form is called a "wormling" which they use to travel in search of a new host.
Their hosts are dead animals (and very rarely living animals or even people) that inhabit their world.
Along their journey they gain colors, patterns, pictures, and shapes which they then use to re-decorate their hosts in the form of markings and patterns.

The species TOS can be found in the description of most adopt uploads!

👍 Membership is ALWAYS open, and you do NOT need a CCCat in order to join!

The CCCat Masterlist can be found here…

The CCCat Trading Hub can be found here

And the ARPG group can be found here

Gallery Folders

{CCC} Registry - Forest by WellHidden
{CCC} Registry - City by WellHidden
{CCC} Registry - Field by WellHidden
{Teaser} by WellHidden
Species Info
{Guest Adopts} Link in Descript! by WellHidden
{ADOPTS} Itty Bitty Kitty [CLOSED] by WellHidden
CCCat adopt batch CLOSED by Cheshiretails
{AUCT} Fightin Dirty [CLOSED] by WellHidden
CCCat Art
CCCats Guest Auction - Only Reminder~ by QuillCoil
YCCCH for DustyUndies by MagicTheMythicalCat
YCCCH for DustyUndies by MagicTheMythicalCat
Group Pictures
Some Things Never Change by TheGhoulAvenue
Jazz and Ethereal by RomiAlan
Eyes by Animefanbyheart
Happy Valentine's day!!! by RomiAlan
Ref Sheets
Nox - CCCat Reference Sheet by Kei-Ivory
CCCat Ref Sheet by VultRoseiron
Monty CCCat ref by ToastedFur
Biksa Ref 2k17 by CR33P-0-Z01D
Human CCCat art
Ufo Vibes by Chissington
What do you reach for star-child? by RomiAlan
Sitka Human form by RomiAlan
Alaska Human form by RomiAlan
YCH- Lucifer by NocturnalApples
its my eye by elmstreetnightmare
nomy noms by elmstreetnightmare
Rattle looking around by IronKnightKarkat
YCCCH Your CCCat Here
Icon YCCCH [OPEN] by jeweledbug
[YCCCH] Boxed In (OPEN) by MonsterMoxie
Icon Contest 2k17
More Small CCCats by fablesfall


HELLO! Let me quickly state this:
There is now another contest going on for a "round 2"! This is another icon contest and you're allowed to use your previous entry!
> You may edit your entry you already did for the ARPG icon and use it again for this! Please don't change the file you used for the ARPG tho, as we do have runner-up winners already for those if they dont get used for main-group winner.
By "dont change the main file" I mean please upload to a new submission, keep the older version for the ARPG contest as-is on dA for judging for that runner-up category! If you remove your older submission, it will not go in for judgement ;o;
> You may edit your submission and still be judged as either winner for the new contest, or runner-up for the ARPG contest!
> The main-winner for the ARPG contest will be announced HERE! But the runner-ups for both categories will be announced after the event for the main-group update is made!

:star:Note: The current Runner-Ups for the ARPG icon contest have been decided, however I'm letting them take a second chance to update their submissions and go for the gold with first place again! No NEW submission in the new contest will remove them from their runner-up for the ARPG slot though. This is only giving them an opportunity to update their icons for the new standard.

This new contest is: Update the main-group icon!
Rules are the same as last time:…
With changes being that the text be "CCCats" if you add it, and upload to the new location in the group: "Icon Contest 2K17"! NOT the ARPG icon contest!

Prizes are the same, but now there will be 2-sets of runner-ups for the ARPG aaAAAND and this one!

This contest will last 2 weeks!

For now, we're only announcing the one winner for the ARPG icon contest!


The winner of the ARPG icon contest is....

notecardPasta with Icon Contest Entry by notecardPasta !!

Trust me this was a really hard decision?? The team and myself all had such varying choices bc of how many cool submissions there were. I really want to feature them on the group page when we're all done with both contests!
I love them all so much and I can't thank you guys enough for how much hard work you put in with all your creative minds.
I can't say who the runner-ups are yet, as I'll let you guys get another chance to win first place if you edit your submissions for the main contest!

If you have any questions/complaints, feel free to note the group or comment here!

WITH THAT SAID... Let the round 2 begin!!
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